Friday, May 14, 2010

Give Blood Give Life.


We Fit Vital Services start a new step for blood donation. We help those kinds of people, who do not afford the blood transfusion. Also helps to Cancer patients (Leukemia\Blood Cancer).
This Small step helps to create a big chain network of Blood Donor’s.

Where you donate the Blood:

We provide the donor only which people they can afford the cost of blood transfusion, or not availability of Specific Blood group.
You can Donate your blood to require person at any hospital with inform to the Fit Vital Services.

Who is eligible for taking Donate blood?

Person registers at Fit Vital Services as a Blood Donor.
What are the benefits of Blood Donation?
Firstly we ask for everyone please donate the blood at-least one time in your life.
Blood Donation does not affect your daily life style; like Weakness.
After Donation you feel better and energetic, because new blood cells forms in your body and this new cells work with full efficiency.
In our blood we found the blood cell like RBC, WBC, and all cells has a specific lifespan, if do not donate the blood these cells automatically died after some time and regenerate again.

Do/Do Not:

1. AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Hemophiliac patient do not donate your blood.
2. Donate your blood in Govt. Hospital or Good Hospitals.
3. Do not transfuse the blood in unhygienic environment.
4. Do not user the used syringe for blood test or blood transfusion.
5. Do not donate the blood if you are under wait.
6. You are shall minimum 18 year old during donation.
7. Maintain gap of 3 month for blood donation.

Contact for Registration:
Fit Vital Services Pvt. Ltd.

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