Monday, May 24, 2010

Fit Vital offered Services

Hello Dear we offered following services at world cheapest rate.

Health Care:
We are Fit Vital Services Pvt. Ltd., an
organization committed to provide the best and world-class medical facilities to the common man at the lowest cost. A large amount of population in India
residing in villages as well as cities is unable to avail best medical facilities due to high cost and unavailability of good doctors and adequate medical facilities in their region.
We have taken an initiative to provide the best health care facilities at reasonable cost supported
by free medical consultation. We are working with a mission to make a healthy world. Some of our services includes: -

1. Free Health consultation your region.
2. Providing best services in health care
3. Preparing fleet of best doctors, who will work with social mission of creating disease-free environment for all class of people.

Online Treatment:

We are also providing Treatment Online (TOL), it is the internet destination for the best psychological support and evaluation. The informational therapy and social network of Treatment Online provides users of the service with a real benefit that grows incrementally with the level of participation and trust that you invest in the service.
Treatment Online does not simply offer evaluation fact it also provides an informed
network of psychological professionals with years of world renowned expertise that accrue to the collective benefit of all the communities.

Clinic Management:
We are also providing the facilities for Doctors if they want to open their clinic setup. Then we will
give them better suggestions over various points like;

* How they should open?
* From where they could collect the Medicines?
* Which medicines are required in primary stage?* Which Medical Instruments are required?* Which brands are mostly used in practice?

Career Guidance:

For Undergraduates courses like; MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BE, B.Pharma, LLB and Postgraduate course like; MD, MS, MBA, M.Pharma, M. Tech, and Study Abroad for Bachelor and Master Degree.It will provide guidelines on how to apply for study program in
Personality Development and Corporate interview training.

Training Cum Placement:Training cum placement over IBM legacy applications (AS400 & Mainframes).

Online Computer Support:
Resolve all computer software & hardware related issues like antivirus, computer performance, latest software’s information etc.

Basic Computer Education:
We provide free online computer education to our members. We have taken this step to educate more and more people in field of Computer education and we are trying our best to update all information.
  • Provide information about Computer Hardware & Software.
  • Provide information about new technologies updates.
  • Provide information for learning languages.
  • Help to finding online information on your quarry.
  • Provide free online stuff.

Software Development:
We are providing customized web design services, for companies, businesses and individuals.
Our goal is to provide our clients / associates with a wide range of options to ensure that we
can create the web site designs and web development according to your business / individual
needs or requirements.

Marketing Management:

One of the most important elements of a business strategy includes market Management. It is an indispensable part of product development. Fit Vital provide various market factors that improve business development, consumer behavior, existing products and so on are quite vital for business enterprises to flourish.

Corporate/Business Marketing
Survey/Brand Promotion
Event Management
Social Marketing

Social Services

We are working in various social activities like Medical Camping, Blood Donation Camp, General health awareness, Helping Poor and aged person, literacy program etc. Also serve rural health program by Specialized Health care team, in this programs we avail free medical check-up, free medicine distribution, Fit Vital Services Help to increases computer literacy rate.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Give Blood Give Life.


We Fit Vital Services start a new step for blood donation. We help those kinds of people, who do not afford the blood transfusion. Also helps to Cancer patients (Leukemia\Blood Cancer).
This Small step helps to create a big chain network of Blood Donor’s.

Where you donate the Blood:

We provide the donor only which people they can afford the cost of blood transfusion, or not availability of Specific Blood group.
You can Donate your blood to require person at any hospital with inform to the Fit Vital Services.

Who is eligible for taking Donate blood?

Person registers at Fit Vital Services as a Blood Donor.
What are the benefits of Blood Donation?
Firstly we ask for everyone please donate the blood at-least one time in your life.
Blood Donation does not affect your daily life style; like Weakness.
After Donation you feel better and energetic, because new blood cells forms in your body and this new cells work with full efficiency.
In our blood we found the blood cell like RBC, WBC, and all cells has a specific lifespan, if do not donate the blood these cells automatically died after some time and regenerate again.

Do/Do Not:

1. AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Hemophiliac patient do not donate your blood.
2. Donate your blood in Govt. Hospital or Good Hospitals.
3. Do not transfuse the blood in unhygienic environment.
4. Do not user the used syringe for blood test or blood transfusion.
5. Do not donate the blood if you are under wait.
6. You are shall minimum 18 year old during donation.
7. Maintain gap of 3 month for blood donation.

Contact for Registration:
Fit Vital Services Pvt. Ltd.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fit Vital

Fit vital is a Dynamic, Vitality driven organization offering Healthy & Competitive environment for the betterment of the Society. The Company has been formed by the group of young medical and technical professionals with a mission to provide quality medical and other world class facilities to all the sections of the society.

Fit vital strives for the best spirit of Health Care & Welfare and saving life of the peoples.


  • To redefine and raise the standards of services, personal morals, etiquette, healthy environment and ethics.
  • To achieve Disease-free environment, and to give proper medical knowledge & awareness through various health programs.
  • To Continuously upgrade ourselves according to the needs & requirements of our associates
  • To attain and achieve 100 % growth level, year after year, business with healthy human beings.
  • Committed to provide best medical facilities in every region
  • Creating latest medical awareness amongst people.
  • To Continuously upgrade ourselves according to the needs & requirements of our associates
  • We are committed to provide best marketing tactic in terms of brand promotion, event managements & business marketing.
  • We are committed to provide right career guidance and new opportunities to our clients